VP, Marketing



Marketing & Communications
Austin, TX, USA
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023


An ideal candidate for the VP, Marketing position at Vertalo is a highly analytical person who has extensive experience in digital marketing at a fintech company as well as experience in a fast-paced, startup atmosphere. The VP, Marketing position at Vertalo will immediately take on the role of developing and managing the company’s outbound marketing systems. Another primary role of this position is to ensure the success of our most important marketing effort, The Digital Assets and Securities Conference. This position reports to either the CEO (currently) or the CMO (not currently on board).

Culture Statement:

Employee > Client > Investor > Pro-activity > Responsiveness > Alignment > Independence > Accountability > Authority > Humility > Confidence

Vertalo is an EMPLOYEE first company, meaning we place our employees above everyone else. We believe that the success of this organization starts and ends with our people. At Vertalo, we want our people to exude the characteristics we deem valuable. We expect our people to be proactive, responsive, and be able to align easily with the other team members. The independence, dedication, and accountability of every employee is the atomic unit and life-blood of this company. An ideal employee at Vertalo displays a healthy balance of confidence and humility.

Job Description (just the basics):

  • Work closely and at the direction of the CEO (or CMO) and other members of senior management (CTO, GC, CRO, CPO) to determine and execute goals and strategies to grow revenue, improve Vertalo brand awareness, and client acquisition.
  • Ensure the success of the Digital Assets and Securities (DAAS) Conference (bi-annually) through vetting event planning companies and contacting clients and partners within the ecosystem
  • Define objectives for the Vertalo marketing function in partnership with other senior leaders of the organization
  • Drive implementation/execution of marketing strategies and tactics to achieve OKRs as set on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Empower our developer relations/community management team to grow the addressable market for our products and the overall digital assets and securities ecosystem
  • Instill a culture of practice, performance, and data orientation through consistent project management across social media, web, chat, content, and video assets
  • Support and enable the brand, Marketing Team and external PR teams to tell a compelling and coherent narrative about Vertalo and the role of Vertalo and its products in the emergence of the digital assets and security ecosystem

Requirements: for consideration:

Vertalo is an in-person work environment. This position is located in Austin TX at Vertalo HQ. While we recognize the need for flexibility that some candidates may need on a case by case basis, we prize the face to face experience and all that comes with it. All candidates should be prepared to work in the office Monday to Friday and travel as necessary to conferences or other locations.

Vertalo is an employee-first company that values the contributions of its employees above all else. We seek candidates who do not discriminate against others on the basis of demographics, politics, sports, hobbies, or favorite crypto currencies. We do not seek ‘Cultural Fit’ where whomever we hire is a carbon copy of who is here now. We seek ‘Cultural Stretch’, meaning people who can bring their ‘lived experience’ to bear and help us improve and expand.

Your experience and success working for a high-growth, earlier-stage B2B enterprise software company is a predictive of your success at Vertalo.

If you’ve done it before (been instrumental in the growth of a B2B SaaS startup from $2-10 million ARR) we are very interested in learning more. If you do not have similar experience, we are still interested but will want to see the evidence that you can be a partner in the company’s growth.

Managing Marketing Operations is a big part of this role. Have you managed the company’s email marketing campaign strategy? Have you overseen a website overhaul? What have you accomplished with social media? Do you have event planning experience? Every one of these areas are critical.

Are you curious? You have to be. We like people who ask questions and like to learn.

Are you conversant with topics related to Fintech and Crypto? One or the other is good. Both is better. Neither is a disqualifier. Owning crypto or NFTs is a good sign, but if you’ve been part of marketing at a company in fintech and/or crypto you will get more serious consideration.

Constructive Criticism and Radical Candor. Can you advocate for your ideas effectively? Can you defend your ideas without falling apart? Do you work well with others, even if you might disagree with them sometimes? We are a very flat company and this role will work with many strong-minded, opinionated people. Can you hang?

Do you have a special expert talent in something, or anything?

Do you have at least five years of experience? That’s a good start.

Do you see yourself working at Vertalo? Have you ever heard of us? If so, and you understand why we are different, that’s great.


Compensation for this position is commensurate and market-based. All employees received equity options grants. We have a full benefits package including healthcare, vision, dental, 401k, etc. We also offer free lunch (you get to choose) via Lunchdrop every day.