Game Economist



Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024

Location: Lisbon / Remote


We're pioneering a dynamic in-game economy that seamlessly blends traditional free-to-play models with the cutting-edge potential of blockchain and NFTs. Today contains a rich marketplace where players trade, invest, and interact in ways previously unimagined. If you have a deep appreciation for game economies and see the potential of integrating blockchain, you're in the right place. We're looking for someone who understands the nuances of player behavior, the intricacies of virtual economies, and the transformative power of NFTs.


  • Design and oversee the in-game economic systems, ensuring a balance between player engagement, monetization, and fairness.

  • Collaborate with game designers to ensure economic mechanics align with the overall vision.

  • Analyze player behavior, spending patterns, and market trends to refine and optimize the game's economic model.

  • Work alongside blockchain engineers to integrate NFTs, ensuring a seamless and rewarding player experience.

  • Forecast and model potential economic scenarios, preparing strategies for various market conditions.


  • Extensive experience in designing and managing virtual economies, especially in social simulation or building games.

  • Proficiency in economic modeling tools and data analytics.

  • Strong understanding of free-to-play, micro-transactions, in-app purchases, and the potential of blockchain in gaming.

  • Ability to collaborate and communicate complex economic concepts to a multidisciplinary team.

We offer competitive salaries and an open, friendly company culture. Our international team is structured around fast online communication. We value diversity and as an equal opportunity employer we encourage applications from all suitable applicants.