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New York, NY, USA
Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Product Designer

Orca’s mission is to become the leading provider of financial primitives on Solana. Orca sees a future where a meaningful percentage of the world’s financial transactions is powered by CLAMMs and other Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products. Orca is looking for a Product Designer to accelerate its progress towards that vision.

Orca is proudly committed to the practice of human-centered design for all of its products. As a designer and DeFi user, you will engage across the full spectrum, from needfinding research to UX to visual design, to set the bar for usability and aesthetics for DeFi protocols.

What you’ll do

  • Collaborate with other Orca designers to develop experiences that strike the right tradeoffs between usability and engineering effort
  • Rapidly iterate, creating wireframes, user flows, and other relevant artifacts, design UX that users love
  • Create or collaborate with external designers to create polished high-fidelity UIs in the style of the Orca brand
  • Conduct or participate in qualitative design research to understand the mindset of Orca’s target users
  • (Optional, depending on your skillset) Contribute code to bring designs to life, create graphics for branding and marketing, or any other skills you’d like to bring to the table!

What you’ll bring

  • Proven track record: You’ve led the design of major software products, ideally in a startup environment. You feel comfortable interviewing users, whipping up wireframes, writing clear and crisp copy, and creating designs that dazzle—not just for their looks, but for their radical focus on usability.
  • Interest in DeFi: You use Orca and other DeFi protocols regularly and are excited to conduct research, design, and iterate to create the best possible experience for Orca’s target audience—and yourself!
  • Balanced mindset: You’re comfortable working independently in an async environment, but also enjoy coming together to collaborate as a team. You’re passionate about certain technologies and patterns, but also recognize their trade-offs in different scenarios. You don’t see everything in absolutes, and identify the underlying dimensions to make decisions.
  • Excellent communicator: You articulate your thoughts and ideas clearly—and pass the mic to empower others to be heard.
  • Experience or interest in open source: You’re ready to make Orca fully open source and decentralized.

What Orca offers

  • Mentorship with deep experience innovating in DeFi UX
  • Competitive salary and ORCA token allocation
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Budget for a new computer or other work equipment
  • Work a minimum of 3 days per week from Orca’s office in New York City (not a remote position)
  • Option to participate in a full-time or part-time paid trial before becoming a full-time team member
  • Paid subscriptions to ChatGPT, design libraries, or other tools that make you more productive

Our current tools

  • Figma for high-fidelity mocks and graphics
  • InVision Freehand and pencil + paper for wireframing and sketching
  • Slack, Notion, and Asana for communication

To apply:

Send an email directly to with the following basics and mini-project:


  • CV or LinkedIn profile
  • When you'd be able to start
  • Short description of your background in DeFi and interest in Solana / Orca
  • Wireframes, hi-fi designs, example projects, or portfolio of past work if available
  • One interest / hobby you love to geek out about, so the rest of the Orca pod can get to know you!


Directly in the body of your application email, submit a written overview (max 500 words) of a technically complex product that you led the design of. Bonus points if figuring out the right UX was challenging! The text description should be comprehensive enough to capture the key points, but supporting content (wireframes, hi-fi designs, screencasts, and/or live products) is welcome, too.

Here are some prompts to get you started (pick and choose as you’d like!):

  • What did you design and why?
  • What was the impact?
  • What tradeoffs did you make?
  • What were some of the design choices you made that others may have disagreed with?
  • In retrospect, what would you have done differently?





Orca is an equal opportunity employer.

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