Blockchain Developer



Software Engineering
Posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2023

We are an ambitious, VC backed blockchain startup building in the Ethereum/EVM ecosystem. Our mission is to build financial tools for NFTs. Financial tools we are working on include:

  1. NFT fractionalization protocol (live on
  2. NFT perpetual futures protocol (currently in development)

As an engineer, you'll work within the product team with other engineers and designers in building the next generation NFT perpetual futures protocol. NFT perpetual futures has found product market fit with some of the leading protocols in this category doing $100M+ monthly volume.

Role description:
As a blockchain engineer, you will work on:

  • Protocol architecture and handling various edge cases
  • Implementing highly available and resilient oracle system for pricing
  • Working with our in-house indexer to build custom APIs

The ideal candidate will have deep experience in web3 software development and DeFi, along with broad experience across other functional areas such as design, product and data.

What we are looking for:

  • Experience with Solidity development and testing frameworks.
  • Experience with tooling such as Hardhat and Foundry
  • Understanding of DeFi mechanisms and building blocks, including liquidity pools, AMMs
  • Proficiency with Ethers/Web3.js or other blockchain interaction libraries
  • Ability to write relevant backend APIs to interact with the protocol
  • Able to quickly write efficient and secure code in a fast-paced environment.