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Software Engineering
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Posted on Monday, December 25, 2023
Bitcoin / Ordinals Developer

Full-time | CTRL I Remote

Project Overview:

The world is becoming a more unstable place. Countries are becoming more protectionist in their policies, borders are going up and a process of de-globalisation is underway. Central banks in developed nations are under the illusion that inflation is in control in the same way as they were under the illusion that inflation was transient post Covid. Global government and household debt levels are at all time highs. People are feeling the stress and strains of making ends meet and many, especially millennials are living paycheck to paycheck.

Politicians point to a healthy economy however the spending that is occuring is mostly debt driven. Household credit card debt is rising at record levels particularly in lower income neighborhoods. Conflicts are erupting in different parts of the globe and social unrest is becoming a feature in the daily news cycle. The majority of the world is asleep, thinking these are isolated incidents that will revert to a peaceful means. However these events are anything but isolated. Old systems designed to favor the elite are breaking down. One by one the dominos are falling to the eventual collapse of developed nation economies with the US being the largest of them. The US dollar is on a path to lose its reserve currency status and is already devaluing rapidly because of inflation. The signs are everywhere yet no one is reading them. In the midst of all of this a new idea is taking hold.

A small set of pioneers have started to relinquish their reliance on centralized systems, finances and governments. These people are bound together by their belief in radical autonomy. These are Sovereign Individuals.

CTRL is a project focused on empowering these Sovereign Individuals. It will act as a platform to educate the wider world on the impending crisis that is yet to unfold. It will act as a hub for those interested in the Sovereign Individual ethos to gather. It will expound the belief that art is the highest form of expression and information.

The Role:

We are seeking a Bitcoin protocol developer to work on Ordinals applications and integrations. You will build advanced experiences leveraging the unique capabilities of Ordinals.


  • Develop custom applications, smart contracts, and APIs built on Ordinals specifically
  • Create seamless integrations between Ordinals, Bitcoin, and Lightning
  • Optimize Ordinal transactions and scripts for lower costs and better UX
  • Engineer provocative/impactful Ordinals-based projects that align with CTRL ethos
  • Collaborate across design, product, and engineering to bring Ordinals projects to life
  • Write documentation guiding best practices for Ordinals development
  • Share learnings with the broader Ordinals and Bitcoin developer community


  • 4+ months experience building applications or integrations with Ordinals
  • Deep expertise in Bitcoin improvement proposals like BIP21 and BIP22
  • Familiarity with C++, Rust, Python, Javascript/Typescript, Golang, Shell languages(Bash) and Solidity
  • Strong grasp of scripting, fungibility, encoding for on-chain artifacts
  • Passion for expanding Bitcoin’s creative and cultural potential

Ideal Candidates Will Have:

  • Contributions to leading Ordinals projects or open source repositories
  • Curiosity and eagerness to chart new ground in creative on-chain development
  • Ability to rapidly research, prototype, and learn alongside product designers
  • Interest in the arts, culture, activism - and envisioning how crypto will shape these fields

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to: