UI Developer

Metaplex Foundation

Metaplex Foundation

Software Engineering, Design
United States
Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Metaplex is a digital asset protocol that underpins the Solana ecosystem. Known for introducing the first Solana NFT standard, on-chain royalty enforcement, compressed NFTs and managing metadata for most fungible tokens on Solana, Metaplex is one of the most widely used blockchain protocols and developer platforms, with over 500 million assets minted across 50 million unique wallets.

We are looking for a UI Developer with deep expertise in blockchain technology, specifically Solana, to join our team. This role will involve managing and improving Metaplex.com and contributing to our suite of tools and resources for developers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Own the front-end development of Metaplex.com
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of Umi, Kinobi, and the Metaplex JavaScript SDK.
  • Develop and maintain project templates, UI components and reference implementations to help developers quickly build on the Metaplex platform.
  • Work with Community Developers to build comprehensive documentation and guides to assist front-end developers in utilizing Metaplex tools effectively.
  • Engage with the open-source community and ecosystem built around Metaplex to increase awareness and adoption of the protocol and tools.